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Connect XML-2-DB is a database middleware package that provides a powerful, easy and database independent mechanism for transforming and moving data from XML documents to relational databases using simple mapping files.

Download a free evaluation version from the Download page.

Connect XML-2-DB is an XML tool that provides both a stand-alone executable and a library that can be easily integrated with any java program. The advantages of Connect XML-2-DB are listed below.

  • Simplifies Data Transfers (XML => Database)
  • Platform Independent (Java software)
  • Database Independent (same mapping files for different relational databases - SQL Server, Oracle)
  • No Coding (Just create a mapping file)
  • Fast and easy to implement which saves you time and money
  • Includes a free JDBC driver from Inet

Connect XML-2-DB uses a mapping file to control the movement of data from XML documents to relational databases. This mapping file allows insertions into multiple tables and supports parent child relationships that include carrying sequence/identity values from the parent to the child. It also supports usage of stored procedures that can implement complex business logic as part of the movement of the data.